The Hardware Level



HLVL, Andrej Štrancar s.p.
Ulica Lovra Kuharja 7
3320 Velenje


HwLevel is registered as HLVL, Andrej Štrancar s.p. and was formed in November 2013. Although registered as sole trader it is a team of people that work or used to work at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana. Most of us have a PhD degree and more than ten years of experiences in embedded systems and digital signal processing area.

We have developed or have been a part of development team for commercial products and products used in scientific experiments, for example data acquisition and monitoring unit for deployment in underground mines, ARM9 based system used in teaching process,  programmable ultrasonic sensing system for targeted spraying in orchards, RTK DGPS module for targeted spraying, etc. We usually develop both hardware and firmware for a product. In digital signal processing  we specialize in digital filters, spectral analysis and speech recognition. Although this website is about Raspberry Pi displays our main focus remains product development.

LCD-PI Raspberry Pi displays

LCD-PI displays are very fast SPI displays that have their own LCD controller. They were developed since we were not able to locate a 3.2" TFT LCD display that we needed for a product that we were developing. Although we advertise them as displays for the Raspberry Pi, they can be used with any embedded system with SPI bus. They are based on our controller that enables us to use higher speed SPI transfers (up to 32 MHz SPI clock on Raspberry Pi) and larger LCD panels than most of our competitors. We also provide Linux drivers that make LCD-PI displays to be primary displays. This means that they show the same picture as we see on monitors of Linux workstations. Therefore standard development tools like Qt, X Windows, etc. can be used for application development and there is virtually nothing to learn if one wants to start using our displays.