The Hardware Level


4.3" TFT LCD with touchscreen and five buttons. Standard framebuffer driver. Uses few GPIO pins. Good ballance between resolution and frame rate. 480x272, 65k colors, 10 frames per second.

LCD-PI43 also supports on the fly SPI compression and 15-bit colors. The speedup in user interfaces can be huge (see LCD-PI50 demo video).


The LCD-PI43 connects directly to the GPIO connector of the RPi. LCD-PI43 uses only SPI pins and one GPIO pin. The rest of pins are free for other use. Push buttons require no additional pins, their status can be read over SPI. The shield also includes 4 mounting holes for easy mounting.

The LCD-PI43's driver makes it a primary display for RPi which means that there is no need for any special libraries or software to control the LCD. Common software like Qt, Xwindows, etc. can be used for developing applications.


  • 4.3” TFT LCD Display, 480x272 Resolution. Connected to SPI channel 0.
  • Resistive touchscreen and TSC2046 compatible controller. Connected to SPI channel 1.
  • 5 push buttons, status available over SPI channel 0.
  • Linux framebuffer driver makes LCD-PI43 a primary display - it displays whatever the operating system outputs. No special software required for working with display.
  • Can work parallel with HDMI display. Double display possible, independent displays.
  • Mounting holes for standard M3 screws/bolts to fasten the display.
  • Powered directly from the Raspberry Pi, no additional power required.